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Revolutionizing the world's second-oldest profession

Look, Listen & Learn

Software that is perfectly aligned to how an industry operates doesn’t get that way by accident. We formed deep relationships with owners, growers and farm staff to understand their pains, how they work, and what they need.

& Ideate

Think. Validate. Pivot. We ensured this scouting tool perfectly captured all aspects of the manual scouting process to achieve labour efficiencies and meet the demanding standards of top-end growers. Through this exacting approach, we determined what we needed to build before writing a line of code.

Develop & Implement

Splice created a new, proprietary agricultural monitoring software that streamlines the complexities of plant tracking. This real-time data collection and analysis tool allows for speedier intervention, healthier crops and better production processes.


Transforming brick-and-mortar success into a new digital experience.

Leon’s, The Brick,

E-commerce Ecosystem

Look, Listen & Learn

Bringing massive numbers of SKUs and swatches online was a start, but true success came from business process integration—and a tailored customer financing solution that wasn’t available in Shopify.

Design & Ideate

Splice designed a data flow solution integrated with multiple business and operational systems. With Shopify’s nod, we envisioned an in-platform financing solution, based on real-world practices, extended to the digital experience, driving significant online revenue.

Develop & Implement

Collaborating with the client and their design agency, Splice simultaneously developed and launched—on a highly aggressive timeline—three massive, branded e-commerce ecosystems integrated with business operations and featuring a new mode of financing in the Shopify world.


Vision, Design & Development are Interwoven Threads—not Train Cars.

Enfusion Systems

Demand Generation Website

Look, Listen & Learn

What do you do when your brand and digital experience conflicts with your market position and growth? As thinkers and technologists, supporting a transformative brand evolution requires first letting the brand visionaries lead, and ensuring technology flows from a great brand strategy.

Design & Ideate

Leveraging deep collaboration with the brand agency, we designed a highly intentional online user-experience journey to help optimize lead-generation, demonstrate the strength of the brand and drive growth.

Develop & Implement

Remaining flexible to innovation, Splice used modern frameworks and an agile process to develop and deliver a brilliant new website. Integrated with demand generation technologies and enhanced analytics and reporting, their new digital platform powers ongoing business development and lead conversion refinement.