Team - Splice Digital


For almost two decades, we've been more than order takers – we're thinkers, innovators, and collaborators. Based in Ontario, Canada, our passionate team of 30+ business analysts, developers, and designers ensures that we bring creativity and expertise to every project, with an eye towards accessibility and compliance.

Our impact spans North America, coast to coast in the USA, and beyond, offering thoughtful solutions and unparalleled dedication.

Client Relations

Brian Hendel
President & Founder

Brian is the visionary force behind Splice, propelling us to the forefront as a premier developer of SaaS, web, and mobile applications throughout North America. As the founder, his unwavering dedication and foresight have shaped Splice into the innovative hub it is today. Brian is not just the driving force behind Splice, but also a co-founder of IPM Scoutek, a cutting-edge SaaS product tailored for the global greenhouse industry, a testament to his commitment to pushing boundaries.

In his leisure moments, Brian is a sailor at heart, navigating the waters of technology, entrepreneurism, and science in his reading pursuits. Despite valiant efforts, he humorously admits to the ongoing challenge of keeping his feline companions from exploring places they shouldn't.

Carrie Izsak
Vice President

Carrie is an accomplished entrepreneur and business development strategist with nearly three decades of expertise in manufacturing and, more recently, the dynamic tech industry. Her journey is marked by a passion for crafting business success stories through a blend of creative thought leadership, pragmatic problem-solving, innovative solution design, and an unwavering commitment to exceptional quality.

Carrie's entrepreneurial spirit shines through not only in her extensive professional experience but also as the co-founder of IPM Scoutek, a top-tier SaaS solution tailored for the global greenhouse industry, showcasing her dedication to cutting-edge innovation.

Outside the world of business, Carrie finds joy in hosting lively dinner parties, embracing the pleasures of gardening, and, in a delightful twist, playing vacuum tag with her beloved golden retriever.

Jennifer Grant
Production Director

Meet Jenn, our seasoned Production Director, bringing nearly two decades of expertise to our team. With a rich background collaborating with large enterprise clients, financial institutions, and renowned advertising agencies like BBDO, Jenn has cultivated a unique skill set that sets her apart. Jenn's strength lies in her ability to think strategically while seamlessly executing tactical plans. Her keen understanding of business needs ensures that your project is in capable hands, guaranteeing not just results, but excellence.

Jennifer embraces downtime with a passion for cooking, indulging in comic books with her three feline friends, and sharing the joy with her lovable St. Bernard, Potato (Tato).

Lindi Dique
Customer Success

Lindi is a client-side professional with over 15 years of account management and sales expertise in the dynamic realms of marketing and advertising. Lindi's consultative sales approach is not just about closing deals; it's about cultivating enduring partnerships. With a focus on building long-term relationships, she aspires to become an extension of your team, understanding your objectives and collaborating seamlessly to achieve success.

Beyond the professional sphere, Lindi finds joy in exploring the world. A passionate traveler, avid hiker, and nature enthusiast, she believes in the rejuvenating power of the great outdoors.

Kendre Grant
Account Manager

Kendre is an experienced account manager who started on her career journey in the insurance vertical, where her early years were dedicated to managing high acuity medical claims. This foundation fostered in her an unwavering commitment to excellence and a genuine knack for customer service. Kendre approaches each customer interaction with sincere passion, recognizing that every moment is an opportunity to build trust, resolve issues, and leave a positive, lasting impression.

In her downtime, you'll find Kendre either hitting the gym, staying active, or enjoying some quality snuggle time at home with her feline companion, Juniper.