Team - Splice Digital


For 17 years, we’ve been thinkers, not order takers.

We're a passionate team of 30+ business analysts, developers and designers, headquartered and staffed in Ontario, Canada.

We serve clients across North America - the majority coast to coast in the USA - and around the globe.



Client Relations

Brian Hendel
President & Founder

The company founder, Brian provides the vision and drive that has led Splice to become a premiere developer of SaaS, web and mobile applications across North America. Brian is also a co-founder of IPM Scoutek, a SaaS product for the global greenhouse industry developed by Splice.

In his spare time, Brian likes to sail, read about technology, entrepreneurism, and science, and keep his cats off of things unsuccessfully.

Carrie Izsak
Vice President

Carrie has close to 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur and a business development strategist in manufacturing and more recently in tech. Her passion is building business success through creative thought leadership, common sense, solution design and a commitment to exceptional quality. Carrie is also co-founder of IPM Scoutek, a world-class SaaS for the global greenhouse industry.

In her spare time, Carrie throws dinner parties, gets her knees dirty in the garden, and vacuums after her beloved golden retriever.

Geoff Hays
Director, Client Success

With more than 25 years of experience in technology and digital marketing, Geoff has been a project manager, a tech strategist, and a solution designer - and a director for the latter half of his career. He’s led projects and client relationships for brands such as FedEx, Merck, Avis Rental Car, Wyndham Hotel Group, Coldwell Banker, BASF and many more enterprise and mid-market organizations.

In his spare time, Geoff is an avid street photographer, and tries to make his kids watch old movies.

Jadel McGuire
Solution Design Lead

Jadel brings both breadth and depth of experience in technology, business and entrepreneurial initiatives to every project. He is an experienced technologist and solution architect, who provides insights and value across all aspects of your project, from user experience design, through development, to hosting and networking architectures. Prior to Splice, Jadel spent a decade as CTO of an innovative SaaS platform.

In his spare time, Jadel loves to get out from behind his screens and into the fresh air, either with his family, or with nothing at all (except maybe his golf clubs).

Jennifer Grant
Account Director

Jenn is a seasoned account lead with almost two decades of experience working with large enterprise clients, financial institutions and advertising agencies. Working with clients such as General Motors and Royal Bank of Canada she has led Account Services teams across many verticals.  In addition to this, Jennifer is also an experienced Product Manager having managed SaaS solutions in the automotive retail sector.

In her downtime Jennifer enjoys cooking, reading comics and her St. Bernard, Tato.

Jonny Bauer
Production Manager

Jonny has been working with tech for over a decade and has a passion for solving complex business problems with software. Maintaining a high quality product and streamlining processes is his specialty and will ensure your project runs like a well oiled machine.

In his spare time Jonny is always working on new projects to further expand the solutions he can offer.