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Solution Design

Successful digital initiatives align with your strategic objectives. But adoption is the key to unlocking that success - and that starts with smarter solution design.

Splice delivers human solutions for real-world companies through a successful, repeatable solution design process that understands your business.

  • Insight & Discovery Practices
  • Personas, User Flows & Data Solutions
  • Wireframes & User Interface Design
  • Technical Architectures & Specifications
  • Prototypes

Operations Software

Grounded in a detailed understanding of your goals, KPIs and processes, Splice develops award-winning operations software solutions that deliver enhanced efficiency, increased margin and competitive advantage for your business.

Our solutions are right-scaled to your strategic needs and include:

  • Digital Transformation for Your Core Business
  • Targeted Operations Software
  • Integrations of Existing, New Custom & 3rd-Party SaaS
  • Software for Workflow, ERP, Field-to-Office, Fulfillment & More

KPI Consulting & Dashboard Development is a division of Splice that specializes in building tailored KPI dashboards that ensure your objectives are successful.

Through intuitive dashboards, we empower your teams to pivot swiftly, ensuring your decisions align with your objectives and the ever-changing market dynamics.  Let be your strategic ally, guiding your path to success with data-driven precision.

To learn more, visit:

  • Aligning KPIs with strategic objectives
  • High-Speed Insights
  • Tailored Dashboards
  • Smart Decisions

Commerce & Web Ecosystems

Splice develops complex e-commerce and web ecosystems that seamlessly integrate your new and existing software, 3rd-party SaaS solutions, and custom Splice connective web-based solutions.

Our ecosystems empower operational efficiency, help you deliver superior customer experiences, and drive growth for business.

  • E-commerce & CMS
  • CRM, Marketing Automation & CX
  • Data systems for Dealer Networks, Healthcare, Property, Logistics & More
  • SaaS Integrations Across Digital and Brick-&-Mortar Commerce

With all the tech jargon and

acronyms, it’s easy to lose sight

of the fact that there’s an actual

human on the other end of that

“user” experience.

The Process

Look, Listen & Learn

Forget the intricacies and the tech specs for the moment.

We want an aerial view of your business, whether it's in a boardroom, on a farm or the factory floor.

We're here to listen and observe, so that we can see the problems and opportunities that lie beyond the screen.

Design &

Thinking empathetically, we consider the individual, not just the technology.

This allows us to conceptualize and create delightful and differentiated experiences.

Develop &

Working in our native tongue – code, we build intuitive solutions that meet present challenges and seize opportunities to transition your business from the present to the future. And while successful adoption begins with smarter Solution Design, we help ensure smooth transitions to better operations and data utilization for your teams through training, videos and documentation as part of every delivery. 

Splice provides ongoing support, feature enhancements and any additional solution requirements after initial delivery. We don’t walk away - we’re always there when you need us.

A Better Partner for Digital

Our happy place is creating difference-making digital for real-world businesses. Every day.

We're smart, invested, like to laugh, and utterly reliable.

Splice is likely the digital partner you've been looking for - it's worth a conversation.

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