The first of its kind! We Take Pictures is an online selling platform built specifically for sports photographers and sports photography buyers to buy and sell pictures and memorabilia. 

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We Take Pictures

A client came to us with their vision of an online marketplace build specifically for sports-photographers to post and sell their photos and merchandise online. We saw a great opportunity as no other service exists for such a niche market. We were excited to build an E-Commerce platform from the ground up using the latest web-application frameworks, cloud-based scalability in Amazon EC2, credit card processing and much more.  

We Take Pictures

Once a sport photographer has taken photos of a sporting event, they log into their account on wetakepictures.ca and upload their photos in batch using our cloud-based photo upload and storage engine. Once uploaded, a photographer can tag images by the ID of the player being photographed so that the player or their family can easily find them in the index.

Making it easy to buy and sell sports photos.

We Take Pictures handles all of the heavy lifting of order fulfillment so that photographers can focus on what they do best, taking photos!  Based on a customer’s specific order details such as ordering photos printed on plaques, hockey pucks, and key chains the system creates the necessary fulfillment strategy for that order and contacts the appropriate printing and manufacturing firms to fulfill the order. The website processes the client's payment using a credit card, and tracks the photographer's share of the order, and photographer payments are then handled automatically on a monthly basis.