University of BC student planner.

Students at the University of British Columbia now have a streamlined way of finding, tracking and remembering that various activities around campus in one easy to use online portal.

Splacedigital project screenshot

The University of BC needed a way to better present campus activities to their students in a way that would allow students to easily browse interesting activities, schedule them in their activity calendar and get reminders of activity enrollments. We built a cutting-edge web-application that is highly integrated into the University’s campus-wide authentication platform to accessing student records

For ease of managing program data, an easy-to-use management console was created for University administration staff.


Students can browse a wide range of exciting on-campus activities that can help further their educational experience. The user-interfaces were built to match that of the UBC website (color scheme along with look and feel) for a seamless transition.


Find an activity then get social!

Once a student finds an activity program that they are interested in, they can then use integrated social tools to share that program with their friends on Facebook or Twitter to further rally interest in the activity system.  Activities fill schedule blocks, and the system prevents possible overlap of activities and prevents students from accidentally registering in programs that are either full or incompatible with the student’s schedule.

The activity planner application sends email updates to students before their scheduled program is to begin, reducing the likelihood that students will forget a program and miss their reserved seat.