Puma® Kick-Ups.

In honor of Maradona’s 50th birthday, we helped build an engaging social experience for Puma® that challenges friends to perform the longest “juggle”. Fame and honor (don’t forget prizes) go to the victor!

Splacedigital project screenshot

Puma® wanted to do something special for the 50th birthday of their sponsored world-famous soccer superstar, Diego Maradona. The Puma® Kick-Ups app was built as a Facebook application engaging a user’s friend-base to a “juggle”, in which a virtual “pass” goes between Facebook friends. The group of friends that maintain the juggle the longest will be awarded top Puma merchandise. Kudos to our incredible partners, gskinner.com, for collaboration on this project.

Don’t drop the ball!

The app is added to a user’s Facebook account by navigating the Facebook app store. Utilizing tight integration with the Facebook API we display a list of the user’s friends and encourage the user to “pass” the ball to one of these friends. The friend is notified, and countdown begins. If that friend fails to pass to ball back before the countdown runs out, the ball is “dropped” and the juggle has ended.

If a user is able to pass the ball on time, before the timer runs out, the juggle is continued and the length of the juggle (both in terms of number of passes and geographic distance) is incremented and the juggle goes on with new time put on the timer.

Engaging friends.

The purpose of any social app is to engage as many Facebook friends as possible and Puma® Kick-Ups is no exception. The game requires that users reach out to their friends to both start a juggle and keep that juggle going (by calling out the friend if they are not passing the ball and the time is running out). The game has prizes for “longest pass over most friends” encouraging a wide breadth of friend engagement.

The result is optimal brand proliferation within and across friendship boundaries, and furthering the exposure of Puma®.