A breakthrough in integrated credit card, bank and direct payment processing, Pay2Via® offers a consolidated platform for consumers and businesses to safely exchange funds and make bill payments.

Viriden large logo is a robust payment platform designed as an exceptionally easy-to-use, safe and secure way to send and receive money. SPLICE DIGITAL worked closely with this client to help develop an overall business strategy and then designed, architected, and developed a cutting-edge application from scratch using industry leading tools and modern design practices.

Pay2Via Imac Landscape

Our platform allows both end-consumers, businesses and property managers to safely transact either by credit card, bank transfer or between two Pay2Via accounts in such a way that protects the private information of both the payer and receiver of funds. Reports are presented in an easy to read format, and the status of transactions can be determined at all times.

Features to help make payments easier.

While simple at its core, Pay2Via offers business with many ways to transact with their customers, including the ability to enter data from void checks, do batch imports from excel files, make payment requests to both registered and non-registered users of the system.

Customers can easily pay vendors by searching for public vendors in the system, or simply responding in a vendor’s request for payment.

Account limits, such as per-transaction limits, daily limits, overdraft, and fees are customizable on a per client basis.


Simple, safe and secure online payments.

While the process of making a payment in Pay2Via is simple and straight forward, the data storage and security requirements are anything but!  We’ve put security ahead of all other goals with Pay2via, and make use of high-bit data encryption, input sanitization, PCI-Compliance and server vulnerability scanning to ensure that custom data is rock solid.

The application architecture is divided into a layered model, with data persistence and payment modules designed to be isolated form the rest of the code base for optimal security.