Mobile Benefits Passport.

Mobile Benefit Passport is an innovative platform for medical insurance companies to share details about insurance benefits, specialist& information and important updates to customers. 

Mobile Benefits Passport

Targeting all iOS and Android phones and tablets, we developed a tightly integrated customer facing application allowing insurance companies and their customers to interact across a wide variety of data-sets. This application is built using PhoneGap “write once run everywhere” technology for easy application deployment across a number of mobile platforms and devices. To learn more about this app, go to

Your benefits information, anywhere, any time.

Medical, dental and vision plans can be hard to manage and understand. That is why we developed the Mobile Benefits Passport for medical benefits companies. It allows customers to access a plethora of different benefit information, and even make updates and store favorites.

The application interacts with a web service for data services but renders the UI on the device itself for optimal device experiences.

Passport Iphone View
Passport Iphone View