Blackstone Sports.

A sophisticated custom E-Commerce platform built for Blackstone Sports®, provider of patented skate sharpening technology to the Florida Panthers, St. Louis Blues, and now, to you worldwide!

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Blackstone Sports came to us with unique E-Commerce requirements. We answered this challenge by building a custom tailored online shopping system for their customers, including product customization, real-time shipping rate calculation, special checkout and pricing rules for specific clients, and direct integration with their in-office accounting platform. 

Blackstone Sports

The Blackstone Sports® shopping platform is tailored tightly to Blackstone’s own product offering needs. Blackstone builds patented skate sharpening technology used by NHL teams that include large sharpening machines, accessories such as sharpening wheels and stones, as well as replacement parts.  We delivered an easy user buying experience for the customer with optimized up-selling opportunities. 

Blackstone Sports

We made it easy to find the right accessories.

Our system was built around the goal of making the customer buying experience as straightforward and painless as possible, putting all the necessary information and products together in one place. If a customer decides to buy a sharpening machine, they are presented with all of the relevant accessories and options up front so they can easily purchase replacement parts and travel equipment.

Full accounting and shipping integration.

Another goal for Blackstone was to fully integrate both shipping and accounting with their existing system.  The website makes real-time rate requests to various shipping vendors and through the use of custom organization-specific shipping logic, presents the user with the lowest possible shipping rate based on weight and product dimensions.

Once a product is purchased, it is immediately pushed into the back-end fulfillment and accounting system within seconds, allowing for real-time in-office situational awareness and minimizing fulfillment delays and duplicate data entry.

Blackstone Sports