Ask the Expert.

Ask-the-Expert is an innovative tablet-oriented mobile platform for delivering targeted pharmaceutical expertise to doctors world-wide. It provides case studies, drug interaction data and video presentations.

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Ask the expert

Communication with medical practitioners is of paramount importance in the marketing strategies of the pharmaceutical market. Ask-the-Expert is an iPad application used by pharmaceutical representatives to present the various strategies and benefits on their particular products, and was designed as a way to educate practitioners on the best use of such products.

Ask the Expert

Expert advice at your fingertips.

Ask-the-Expert is designed as an easy-to-operate gesture-based application consisting of several index pages, informational pages, animated presentations and training videos. The application targeted non-technical staff and employs an intuitive interface for easy navigation.

Under the hood, we utilize the native Objective-C programming language to achieve a greater degree of device control and performance.

Due to the private nature of this application, we cannot submit the app to the Apple iTunes AppStore. We instead deploy the application directly onto the iPads of sales reps remotely using a deployment platform, which allows us to maintain private control of the application and avoid needing direct access to physical device.